3D Printing for Cleaner and More Comfortable Orthopedic Casts

3D Printing for Cleaner and More Comfortable Orthopedic Casts

By Tue, April 5, 2016. 3D Printing, Crowd Funding, Education, Featured, Medical & Dental, News


I’ll never forget the time when, at the invincible age of 13, I was playing tag with some neighborhood friends and, suddenly – BAM – I tripped and broke my hand in three places. I remember the adrenaline and shock took care of most of the immediate pain, but what was really a struggle was wearing the unbearable plaster cast for eight months, the itching, the immobility, the horror. One group of graduates from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), who joined together to start Mediprint, are focusing on alleviating this issue by 3D printing personalized casts with less complications then the conventional plaster style that has been used for decades.


“The project started when my mom had an accident at work and broke his left hand. They put her plaster cast wrong, and they had to fracture her hand again surgically to place it right. However, they again placed the splint wrong; and then they diagnosed her with 50 percent disability in that hand,” said Zaid Badwan, a UNAM graduate and founding partner of Mediprint.


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